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One-pot dental wax melter with digital indication, 1°C precise setting of temperature in the pot  and digital indication. Precise temperature maintaining provides producing of perfect wax copings with a uniform thickness.
WM 2.1 MODIS occupies minimum space. Dental technician can use the device for any modeling operations, including dipping dies producing.
  • the temperature status is permanently indicated on the digital display;
  • digital temperature regulation of wax in the pot;
  • stable wax temperature that doesn't depend on voltage;
  • exact  temperature of wax in the pot and storage of the set  value in nonvolatile memory;
  • highly reliable regulator with a knob for modes control and temperature setting; 
  • sleep mode for energy saving;
  • size of the device is designed for your hand is leaned on the table. This helps to control the process of dies dipping and get the best result without discomfort and tiredness;
  • transparent lid provides visual control of wax melting even when the lid is closed;
  • universal voltage 100-240 V.